Marine Metamorphosis

San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico

Environmental awareness Project, through art and community collaboration, that seeks to create awareness of the place whe have at the increasing issue of ocean waste.

A humpback whale sculpture, at scale of a young one, was made as the marine representative of Banderas Bay, where each year it comes to reproduce. The Project was made in collaboration with San Pancho, Nayarit community, along with the schools of the área and the Communitary Center Entre Amigos, as well as invite other artist that have art work related to environmental awareness, to united give a message of ocean care.

The humpback whale has a smithy structure and was coated with recovered materials out of the clean ups made at the beach and the stream at San Pancho, Nayarit and things made with the kids of the community in art and recycling worskhops, through recycables materials.Descripcion de Presentacion. Aqui va la descripcion de las actividaddes y evento que se desarrollaron en el marco del evento.

This Project has the objective of creating awareness of the garbage we produce and the ocean impact it has, affecting marine life and all the food chain. Highlighting the huge importance of taking care of the ocean and reconect with our Mother Earth.