Ocean Universal Ward

Pondicherry, India

This Project arises from the shocking contamination that exist at Pondicherry´s beach at south India. The Ocean Universal Ward Project seeks to re-link Pondicherry´s population with their own beleives and contact with Mother Earth.

In the south of India, they use as way of protection outside houses and temples, clay figures in shape of a demon called "Drishti Mukham" (from sanskrit ,protect me) so that no evil eye can harm them. Taking this in count, it is given the Ocean a Guardian to symbollicaly look after it and make its population aware of the place we have at the increising contamination issue of our natural environments as the ocean.

Collective clean ups were made at Pondicherry´s pier, using "Drishti Mukham" masks as a metaphor of unión at taking care of the ocean and the possibilty of all being Guardians of the Ocean. Making a comunal invitation to everyone and all to take care of it and use garbage cans for the trash.

The “Ocean Universal Ward” sculpture is also a trash can, for people to throw out their garbage. It was created along with hindu sculptor artis Saravana D., and it is partially made out of mostly found objets at the clean ups, such as clothes, flip flops, plastic and glass bottles, etc.